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Kinetics Unlimited, a manufacturers representative, offers equipment and services to the Louisiana, Mississippi, and Arkansas geographic areas. Since our founding in 1994, our goal has been quite simple, to offer the finest products and services available to the industrial marketplace.


Our primary focus over the last decade has been to provide solutions for boiler and furnace operations, along with thermal transfer applicatons.


Should you desire brochures, technical specifications, or other engineering documents, please feel free to contact us. We have amassed an extensive database and will gladly help with budget quotes, cutsheets, or other information.


Available equipment and services include:

  • Boilers (O and D style, HRSG's, HRU's)

  • Fans and Blowers

  • Cooling Towers (New, Parts, Rebuilds, Maintenance)

  • Water Treatment (Clarifiers, Ion Exchange, RO, Polishers, Filtration)

  • Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers

  • Shell and Tube, Hairpin Exchangers

  • Dampers (Slide Gates, Louvered, Diverters)

  • Expansion Joints

  • Stoker Parts and Assemblies

  • Condenser and Heat Exchanger Restoration

  • Burner applications for Boilers, HRU's, HRSG's

Thank you for your interest in Kinetics Unlimited. Please feel free to contact us through this website with any questions or to obtain our services!

P.O. Box 41625

Baton Rouge, LA  70835


6023 Wildflower Rd

Baton Rouge, LA  70817

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