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CTI Industries: Refinery Crude Overhead

CTI Industries was recently contracted by a large gulf south refinery to install 5,804, C-276 hastalloy, full length, .028" wall liners into their four (4) overhead crude distillation heat exchangers. The installation was performed in the tube bundle OEM's fabrication facilty. The parent tubes are 3/4", .065 wall carbon steel, SA-179 material. CTI used a six man crew working 21 shifts for this installation.


After loading the liners, a high pressure pump is used to hydraulically expand the liners into the parent tubes. An ID cutter trims the excess liner and a mechanical roll is used at the tube sheet to finish out the seal. A two stage flaring process is then utilized to achieve a flush finish against the parent tube.

P.O. Box 41625

Baton Rouge, LA  70835


6023 Wildflower Rd

Baton Rouge, LA  70817

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