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Manufacturers Represented

We represent the following manufacturers, all of whom are leaders in their industry.

By clicking on each manufacturer's Logo, you can access their particular webpage.

Also, by clicking here, you can download our Company's brochure.


A Full Service Boiler and Heat Recovery Manufacturer.

Victory offers all types of industrial boilers; watertube packages, HRSG waste heat recovery solutions, firetube, and solar powered units.

Boilers range up to 450,000 PPH steam flow and 2000 psig pressure.


Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers
APV, now a part of SPX Flow, manufactures  both gasketed and fully welded "plate and frame" heat exchangers for Industrial applications. APV will always strive to find the perfect solution.
Dampers and Expansion Joints


Fox Equipment is a premium damper manufacturer supplying the following styles: louvered, wafer, slide gate isolation (low and zero leak), poppet, stack caps. Fox Equipment also supplies fabric expansion joints up to 2000 degrees F.


A Premium Engineered Fan Manufacturer

Manufactures precision engineered fans and has extensive engineering capabilities.


Robinson has numerous fan designs and specializes in high alloy, high temperature, gas tight designs. They offer repairs, rebuilds, and modifications to other OEM fans.

Graver / Ecodyne

Manufactures clarifiers, filters, ion exchange, reverse osmosis systems, condensate polishers, deaerators, and more. We design, engineer, and updrade water and wastewater treatment equipment, as well as, controls systems.

Heat Exchanger Restoration


CTI utilizes thin wall inserts and full length liners to bridge damaged sections of tubes. Repairs includes multiple alloys for condensers, feed water heaters, fin fan coolers, shell and tube heat exchangers.

Cataract Steel offers heat exchanger designs in straight Shell and Tube, Hairpin arrangements, and Extended Surface
New Cooling Towers, Parts, Repairs & Maintenance

ATS is your single source for cooling towers, cooling tower parts, repair, and maintenance services. ATS offers competitive prices with expert technicians to oversee the installation, repair, and maintenance of your cooling towers.

Fuel and Ash Handling


A major supplier of parts, components, and complete assemblies for fuel handling and ash systems. Capabilities include Stokers, CFB's, Pulverizers, Conveyors, etc


Alstam Logo.jpg
Duct Burner Technology

Alstam’s High Capacity, Low Emission Duct Burner technology, meets applications that span the entire burner market from 10 mmbtu/hr up to 900 mmbtu/hr. With 50 years of experience, and over 500 systems designed, this know-how goes into every project they review and execute.

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